Yuri Tempesta

Yuri Tempesta grew up upon Curion, a mostly ocean filled world near the heart of the Republic space. Yuri never got to know her mother well, possibly explaining her tomboyish ways, and interest in mechanics. Her father was an Engineer in the Navy like her, and raised her on the ocean with an interest in the stars.

The moment she turned 18, Yuri moved out from her father's house and enlisted into the Navy. Her first mission in the Navy brought her upon a Diplomatic mission, where her skills in both keeping the ship in good running order and repairing the air recycle unit in a diplomat's quarters ended her with both a commission and a contact, a high ranking man named Major Paine who served in the Navy. Her next tour of duty ended up seeing a sabotage inside the engineering, foiled only both by Yuri's knowledge of mechanics and intelligence. While the crewman in question, Mercades Bowler, was thrown into the brig, it's quite possible that she's currently coming after Yuri for revenge. Her next term ended in disaster. During a large battle, an explosion within engineering of her ship saw both the battle lost, and Yuri blamed. She was shortly thereafter drummed out of the service.

Yuri found her way into the Scouts, and while life did go a bit better for a short time, during her first term as an explorer, there was a massive failure of systems upon her ship. An explosion riddled Yuri with shrapnel, and while she did get medical attention, they were unable to heal all of the damage. Scars riddle her from neck to waist, and Yuri now talks and breaths with a rasp, due to the permanent damage to her chest muscles and lungs.

After her discharge, she came into contact with an old Naval friend named Major Paine. In turn, he put Yuri in contact with a ship captain named Jason Shepard. From there, she is now signed on as the ships' mechanic.

Yuri Tempesta, 34 Years Old, Female
Ex-Naval Sublieutenant, Dishonorably Discharged
Ex-Scout, Discharged Due To Injury
b.13 December, 2464

Str 6 (+0)
Dex 7 (+0)
End 3 (-1)
Int 11 (+1)
Edu 9 (+1)
Soc 6 (+0)

Engineer 2
Engineer (When Drunk) 3
Carouse 1
Admin 1
Leadership 1
Mechanic 1
Melee (Blade) 1
Pilot (Small Craft) 1
Remote Operations 1
Sensors 1
Communications 0
Computers 0
Gunner 0
Gun Combat 0
Seafarer 0
Vacc Suit 0
Zero-G 0

2500 Credits


Friends, Contacts, Rivals, and Enemies

Major Paine, a high ranking Navy officer Yuri met during a diplomatic mission. After she was discharged from the Scouts, Major Paine was able to introduce her to an old buddy of his named Jason Shepard, and from there get her a job as an engineer.

Mercades Bowler, ex-Naval Engineer. Bowler is out for revenge, after Yuri got her slammed in the brig for attempting sabotage upon the ship they served on.

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