Xinthos (pron. "KEEN-tos") is a Spartan-aligned planet in the Lethe System of Manticore Sector. The Core Systems Scout Service has declared Lethe System - as with the rest of Spartan territory - under a code Red advisory. No ships are to enter the system without prior security clearance from Spartan officials, and no ships are to leave for Republic space without equivalent clearance. Failure to obtain clearance prior to entry or exit from Spartan territory may result in being fired upon.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Xinthos is 7000km in diameter, with a thin, tainted oxygen atmosphere and a very low quantity of water. Planetary gravity is 0.4g. Atmospheric pressure is 0.6 of normal. Surface water coverage is less than 18%.


Xinthos is home to fewer than 2000 permanent citizens, thanks to a hostile biosphere and violent history. The planetary populace has some Core Systems ties due to a temporary occupation during the CS-Spartan War, but the Spartan people and government predominates.


Xinthos has virtually no economic products.


The Xinthos government, as with all Spartan holdings, is directly answerable to the federal government on New Sparta. There being little to govern, the permanent residents choose a governor every two years primarily so the Spartans have someone to demand unreasonable things from.

Travellers' Information


The Core Systems Scout Service has enacted a code Red advisory for Lethe System, stemming from its Spartan control. Were it not a Spartan planet, though, it is entirely probable that the hostile environment would cause it to have an Amber advisory in place anyway.

Threat Assessment

The Spartan Brigade bombarded the planet from orbit in taking it back from the Core Systems Free Republic using mass drivers, vaporizing huge swathes of land, boiling away much of the sea and casting fountains of dust into the air - making agriculture, or indeed much of anything, very difficult to support.

Travellers' Resources

Lethe System holds Spartan Border Station Thanatos and a battlefleet calculated to repel anything up to and including two Core Systems Republic Navy sector fleets. Xinthos itself has the Spartan equivalent of a Scout Service astrogation facility, but it's exceedingly unlikely to offer anything to outsiders. There is a TAS hostel in the planet's Class B starport - itself a throwback to the planet's League days - and is left open by the Spartans as a courtesy to diplomatic staff.


Lethe is not a Scout Service-supported planet.

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