Agricarch dig site, Saldana, Tengu Sector.

Xenoarchaeology (referred to in nonprofessional parlance as xenarch) is a young academic field based around the study of alien sites and artifacts. Virtually all work published has been on sites and items from a race who seemingly predate human intelligence and placed an inordinate focus on the growth and nurturing of plant life. Called the Agricarchs, the Farmers and the Aggies in descending order of formality, their sites have been found on numerous planets throughout Tengu, Thunderbird, Phoenix and Manticore Sectors.

More questions than answers have been discovered in studies of Agricarch settlements - why does nothing but the agricultural equipment show signs of technological sophistication? How could they survive the varied (often hostile) atmospheric conditions of their widespread colonies without technological aid? What influence, if any, have they had on the biosphere developments of planets no Agricarch settlement has been found on - or even Earth?

Though they are often considered to have the 'best-understood' of all the xenarch sites studied, Aggies are not the only race that have been unearthed. The Skaald's recaptured sites were subject to intensive xenopological studies - at least, until they began virus bombing and disrupting the tectonics of the planets in League hands. Other races have been allegedly discovered, but have mostly proven to be fraudulent or Agricarch settlements of unconventional design. And while the Jensai homeworld of Jensaara has veritable gold mines of xenoarchaeological sites, it is generally considered quite rude to ask if one can root around in the rubble of their ancestors.

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