Wildcat-class fighter

On occasion, the Core Systems Republic Marine Corps has cause to take the field without Navy support. On these occasions, the Navy's Hotspur squadrons are often unavailable, and the lingering bureaucracy of the Terran Stellar League has kept the Hotspur from seeing adoption by the Marines. When fighter support is vital, the Marines utilize a small 20-ton fighter called the A2 Wildcat, the military version of the Fiorelli Astronautics Bobcat.

A2 Wildcat fighter d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 20 tons Hull 0 1.2
Streamlined Structure 1 0.12
Armor Ceramol 4 points 1 0.264
No Jump Drive
Maneuver Drive sF Thrust 6 3.5 6
Power Plant sF Fusion Plant 2.7 5.5
Cockpit 1-man 1.5 0.1
Computer Model 3 Rating 15
Electronics Basic Military +0 Sensors DM 3 2
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Railgun Barbette 5 4
Fuel 0.75 tons 1 weeks 0.75
Cargo 2.05 tons 2.05
Extras Fuel Scoops
Escape Pods 0.5 0.1
Software Maneuver/0
Evade/2 2
Fire Control/3 8
Total 20 29,284,000 Cr
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