Whitworth is a Bolívar League-aligned planet in the Morimoto System of Dragon Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Whitworth is a tiny world, barely 2,000 km in diameter. A planetoid of this size would normally create a negligible gravity, but Whitworth's core is comprised of incredibly dense metals, giving it a surface gravity of almost 0.35g. Terraforming efforts, coupled with the planet's high gravity, have created a thin but breathable atmosphere that is 0.7atm at surface level. There is a small amount of water on the surface, but it is locked up in ice caps at the poles - Whitworth's temperature hovers around -60˚.


8 billion people live on Whitworth in an sprawling underground complex that encompasses almost 20% of the crust. The public is still more or less enamored of the Revolution, but in recent years a number of citizens have converted to the ideals of the Penitent Brotherhood, the movement having started as something of a fad but catching on in earnest as a splinter group that is not recognized by the government of Benevolence.


Whitworth's core of rare metals is slowly being mined out and replaced with condensed junk material of equal mass. The Republic bans the sale of Whitworth's rare metals, but other powers are only too happy to buy them - the compounds are perfect for projects that require extremely high heat or stress tolerances.

Less controversial, the complex's advanced medical research facilities produce much of the emergency equipment found in medkits and hospitals throughout League space and beyond. Almost all of the planet's food is imported - the Republic embargo allows the shipping of food and water.

Yun Heis, LCG Chief Administrator. (2465 - )


Whitworth's planetary VP is a single-term citizen named Sara Carson, but the real power is the charismatic daughter of slain League president Heather Heis, who oversees the League Civic Group - a single entity comprising security forces, education services, and the planet's nationalized mining operations.

Travellers' Information


There are no advisories for Whitworth aside from the Republic prohibition about travelling to League worlds, although the CSSS warns visitors that the legal restrictions in place on Whitworth are almost as draconian as those of Troyes.

Travellers' Resources

Whitworth hosts a Class-B starport with a modest TAS lodge inside the main complex.


Whitworth is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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