White McFadden

Dr. White McFadden is a career doctor and part-time cybernetics researcher. He was born on Greenswards in the Scylla Sector. He grew up in a dilapidated neighborhood subject to riots and gang activity that is now considered endemic to the Greenswards experience. A mild boy, it was through a stroke of luck that he was able to carry an average academic career into a research job with the leading pharmaceutical/biotech company on the planet, ScyBio while in medical school. A few short years later, with precious job experience under his belt already (a hot commodity on Greenswards), he was able to become a practicing physician for St. Andrew’s Medical Hospital while still working part time in cybernetics research for ScyBio.

Some time into the job, the son of the Vice President of ScyBio wound up in the emergency room, having contracted a rare skin disease which required immediate amputation of a limb to guarantee survival. McFadden found, after authorizing and helping to execute the procedure, that he was suddenly quite unpopular with people in high places at ScyBio, and that they were leaning on his research supervisor and the hospital to have him fired. McFadden found his stones when he had to argue his case in front of a medical advisory board, then out of a malpractice suit without paying a settlement he couldn’t afford.

After moving to Earth’s moon and failing to start up his own private practice there, he moved back to Greenswards to resume his post as a fellow at St. Andrew’s, and continued performing research for ScyBio. An older and quite accomplished research director named Percy S. Thompson, famed for being a part of several cybernetic and genetic think tanks and a monumental thinker, took a shine to him and helped McFadden through a couple of minor research projects that helped him gain a modicum of recognition for his work. He is currently taking a break from part time research to focus on practicing medicine.

Character Sheet
Scholar – Dr. White McFadden
b. October 7, 2464

Str 6 (+0)
Dex 8 (+0)
End 7 (+0)
Int 8 (+0)
Edu 8 (+0)
Soc 7 (+0)

Animal 1
Carouse 1
Medic 1
Comms 2
Computers 0
Diplomat 0
Medic 1
Investigate 1
Life Sciences 2
Advocate 1
Persuade 1
Gun Combat 1

39050 Cr
Stunner pistol (Ranged, 2d6+3) with Power Pack
Other Gear
Scientific Equipment
Lab Ship
Two Ship Shares

Friends, Contacts, Rivals and Enemies:

Ally: Percival S. Thompson, famed cybernetics and genetics researcher and pedagogue, who has settled in the Scylla Sector on Greensward and currently employed by ScyBio, a biotechnology conglomerate. He considers himself a mentor of White's and has helped direct and maintain his career on Greenswards.

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