What is This Site?

Welcome to the Wiki for In the Shadow of the League.

In the Shadow of the League is a science fiction roleplaying game on IRC using the Traveller ruleset (in its current Mongoose Publishing incarnation) but using an original setting.

This Wiki is meant to be used as an intellectual resource for the players and GM of this game. Because of the sheer depth of information that is imparted over the course of a game session (given that it's not unknown for games to go for four or five hours), it's a bit much to expect anyone to keep it all straight in their heads - even the GM! Therefore the intent here is to create reference material for the game, perhaps also imparting a level of miscellaneous understanding about the setting and its history that may not otherwise be imparted. What this page is NOT meant to do is serve as a repository for generic Traveller resources, setting fluff regarding the Original Traveller Universe, or any copyrighted material beyond what is created with the intent of improving the game.

The game takes place in the #traveller room of xen.thisisnotatrueending.com, with all OOC commentary belonging in #holyshitspacegaem on the same server. If for any reason you need to speak with me, I can be reached in the channel #suptg of the above server.

So please feel free to look around - there's a lot of space out there, and a lot of things yet to be seen.

Compared to the OTU

The milieu most games will be set in, the Core Systems Free Republic, is at only Tech Level 13 compared to the general TL15. The alien races presented in Traveller publications are not used in Shadow of the League.

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