Werner is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Cyclone System of Thunderbird Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Werner is a tidelocked satellite of the gas giant Souris. The moon is roughly egg-shaped, with a diameter of 1,200 km at its widest point. Surface gravity is a slight 0.07. A strong gravitational pull from Souris keeps the planet's interior molten - the mantle is visible through the crust along many faults. Werner has no atmosphere or surface water.


9,000 people live in Werner's only settlement - a structure built on the far side of the moon, perched precariously in the more stable region. Living in such a small community has fostered a great deal of camaraderie among the citizens. Lying or misdirection is almost unknown here, and no one expects to be cheated. This gregarious spirit does not extent to visitors - Werner's population draws a stark line between local and foreigner.


Werner's economic output is trivial - despite the relatively high local tech level, the moon's only real exports are basic electronics and machine parts. A few hundred people here work for the regional hydrogen concerns, operating scoops and filling collectors to be taken out of the system.


Werner's population is small enough that most decisions are made in a "town-hall" style meeting accessible via the local CoreNet. The hydrogen concerns' views are usually expressed through their employees, but their numbers are insufficient to make any drastic alterations to the social order. Werner's contributions to sector politics are minimal - the Sectoral Congress all but ignores the moon, as does most of the traffic crossing through Cyclone System.

Travellers' Information


Despite the system's low population (or perhaps because of it), several groups of pirates are known to frequent the area. The CSSS has placed an Amber-status tag on the system because of this.

Travellers' Resources

There are no resources of note on Werner.


Werner is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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