I was born in a transit station.
I grew up in a transit station.
When I tried to get out,
they said I was a born killing machine.

-Partial transcription with prisoner [REDACTED]

Wade Reed
Age 42
Rank 1 Army NCO (Lance Corporal)
Rank 3 Rogue Enforcer

Str 10 (+1)
Dex 10 (+1)
End 9 (+1)
Int 10 (+1)
Edu 9 (+1)
Soc 7 (+0)

Art 0
Athletics (any) 0
Comms 0
Computers 0
Drive 0
Gambling 2
Gun Combat (any) 0
Gun Combat (Slug pistol) 1
Gun Combat (Slug rifle) 1
Heavy Weapons (any) 0
Melee (any) 0
Melee (Unarmed combat) 1
Melee (Bludgeon) 1
Persuade 1
Recon 1
Sensors 1
Stealth 0
Streetwise 0
Survival 1
Vacc Suit 0

Name Weapon TL Range Damage Auto Recoil Mass (kg) Magazine Cost Ammo Cost
Melbourne Gauss Rifle Gauss Rifle 12 Ranged (rifle) 4d6 4 0 4 80 1,500 40

Flak jacket (TL8)
Protection 6
Mass 2 kg


Homeworld: Station Cedar (Computers, Vacc Suit)
Background skills: Art, Comms, Drive

Wade and his brother spent their delinquent youth hacking station comms and joyriding around the station in courtesy golf carts.

Term 1:
Tried to get into the Marines; failed and drafted into the Army. Got Gun Combat (Slug rifles) 1. Rolled +1 Str. Passed Survival, rolled Good Fortune: Something good happens to the character; he comes into money unexpectedly, has a lifelong dream come true, gets a book published or has some other stroke of good fortune. Gain a +2 DM to any one Benefit roll from his current career. Got promoted; rolled Sensors 1.

Term 2: Rolled Survival 1. Failed Survival check: You discover that your commanding officer is engaged in some illegal activity, such as weapon smuggling. You can join his ring and gain him as an Ally before the inevitable investigation gets you discharged, or you can co-operate with the military police – the official whitewash gets you discharged anyway but you may keep your Benefit roll from this term of service. Took the Ally (Major XX).

Term 3:
Became an Enforcer (Rogue). Took Streetwise 0. Rolled Gun Combat (any) 1. Passed Survival check. A crime lord considers you his protégé. Either gain Tactics (military) 1 or take a +4 DM to your next Advancement roll thanks to his aid. Took Advancement. Passed Advancement, got Persuade 1. Rolled Dex +1.

Term 4:
Stayed with Enforcer. Rolled Melee (any) 1. Passed Survival with a 12. Rolled You become involved in a feud with a rival criminal organisation. Roll Stealth or Gun Combat (any) 8+. If you fail, roll on the Injury table. If you succeed, gain an extra Benefit roll. Passed Gun check with an 11. Passed Advancement with a 12. Failed Aging roll (rolled 0): Str -1.

Term 5:
Stayed with Enforcer. Rolled Gambling 1. Passed Survival (rolled 11). You become involved in a feud with a rival criminal organisation. If you succeed, gain an extra Benefit roll. Roll Stealth or Gun Combat (any) 8+. Passed (rolled 9). Failed Advancement roll. Passed Aging roll (rolled 4).

Term 6:
Stayed with Enforcer. Rolled Gambling 2. Passed Survival (rolled 11). Rolled Betrayal: The character is betrayed in some fashion by a friend. If you have any Contacts or Allies, convert one into a Rival or Enemy. Otherwise, gain a Rival or an Enemy. Passed Advancement roll (rolled 11).

After this he was arrested and shanghaid into this operation.

Army loot:
Weapon (Gauss rifle)
+1 Edu

Rogue loot:
+3 Int
3 ship shares
Armour (flak jacket)
+1 Dex

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