Venus is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Sol System of Titan Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Venus has always been seen as Earth's sister world, though it bears little resemblance to humanity's homeworld aside from its size. The planet is just over 12,100 km, with a surface gravity of 0.9g. Venus' atmosphere is an extremely hot mix of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Air pressure at ground level is a crushing 90atm.


Roughly 8,000 people live in Venus' three underground cities. Conservative Venusian culture is heavily patriarchal, and women are rarely seen in public unattended outside of theaters. Communication with outsiders is also shunned, and CoreNet access outside of corporate locations is strictly controlled. The thousand-odd corporate citizens essentially live in a segregated world and have almost nothing to do with the locals that is not necessary for business.


Much like Mars, Venus was stepped over in the great push outward following the development of Jump technology. The planet serves mainly as a storehouse of minerals for future use and a testing ground for corrosion-resistant synthetics. Many of the most ubiquitous hostile-environment shelters used across human space were initially tested under Venus' punishing skies.


The Venusian bloc is largely conservative, though they refrain from voting on many issues, and are quiet but staunch advocates of isolationism with regards to the Spartan Brigade, Mirandolans, and other breakaway groups.

The culture's patriarchal nature carries over to the voting chamber: while Venus is a representative democracy, females wishing to vote must first secure the permission of a male citizen.

Travellers' Information


Venus' atmosphere is extremely dense and corrosive. Travellers should plan accordingly.

Travellers' Resources

Venus hosts a class-B starport with a TAS annex and a small Republic Consulate.


See Earth for a breakdown of travel destinations.

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