Veda III

Veda III is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Veda System of Manticore Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Veda III is a very old, very stable planet that orbits the smallest and farthest out of a trinary star formation. It has a low-concentration standard nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere (0.60 atm). The atmosphere is calm for nine months of the year, with an incredibly stormy five-month long "Monsoon" season that plays havoc with local air-cars. Most of the land exists in strings of island chains formed by volcanic action. A large portion of the surface consists of circulating salt water oceans, as well as a few inland, fresh water bodies. Veda III's deep ocean trenches are home to a large number of native, multi-celluar, ocean-dwelling species (largely phyto- and zoaplankton). In addition, a number of Terran species have been introduced to Veda III's waters.


Veda III's two-million strong populace consists of an aging population that is strongly aligned with the Core Systems Free Republic, and has a large number of naturalized military reservists from during the CS-Spartan War. A quarter of the populace lives in floating or undersea habitats that largely hug the continental shelf. Most Vedan children are taught how to swim as a matter of growing up.


Veda III primarily exports consumer goods derived from the overabundance of Terran fish in its oceans. There are also some deep-sea exploratory mining concerns, but these have largely failed to bear fruit. Veda III actively trades with Abbi's Moon, a small, in-system moon that is dominated by Spartan agricultural companies. They are also the largest importer of the foodstuffs created on Abbi's Moon. Veda III's economy is highly regulated by Spartan-appointed authorities, and penalties for fishing without the appropriate license are steep.


Veda III's captive CS population is administrated by several appointed Spartan Senators, who form the Upper House of the Vedan legislature. Popularly-elected citizens (Those above the age of majority are eligible for candidacy) form the Lower House. The Upper House's veto powers are used to null any bills that would adversely affect the Spartan Brigade or relations with it. Almost an afterthought, the Prime Minister of the Upper House is largely a figurehead, elected by the citizenry.

There are any number of popular anti-establishment groups, running the gamut from peaceful protesters to well-armed paramilitaries. Between the difficulty of effecting an uprising and the scrutiny of local authorities, they manage to do little except agitating the locals.

Travellers' Information


Veda III was the site of a particularly extensive ground campaign during the CS-Spartan War. While the Spartan Brigade's Combat Engineering Divisions have since demolished the pillboxes and bunkers, and removed the mines on land and in the water, there are lingering reports of unexploded munitions at the bottom of the oceans. Travellers who expect to venture out into the ocean are suggested to avoid the ocean floor and ensure their sensors are properly calibrated for underwater operations.

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Veda is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):


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