Vasanti Dipti

Childhood (?):

Term 1 (?):

Term 2 (?):

Term 3 (?):

Character sheet

Vasanti Dipti "Naga"
b. ?


UPP: 9FC882

STR 9 (+1)
DEX 15 (+3)
END 12 (+2)
INT 8 (+0)
EDU 8 (+0)
SOC 2 (-2)

Vacsuit 0
Seafarer 0
medic 0
Athletics (Cordination) 0
Survival 0
Combat Engineer 0
Deception 0
Stealth 0
Gun Combat (bullet Rifle) 0
Explosives 1
Jack of all trades 3
Tactics (military) 1
leadership 1
Melee Blade 1
Melee Unarmed 1
Persuade 1
Recon 2


tl12 Subdermal armour

6 Contacts
2 allies
2 Rivals
1 Enemy

size 7, 11200km, 0.9grav, Standard/slightly tainted atmosphere, cold, average temp -51 to 0, 96%-100% water, pop=tens of millions, gov6 captive government, four factions. Faction one: minor group, str7, Civil service bureaucracy. Faction 2: minor group, str 7, balkanization. Faction3: overwhelming popular support, str12, splinter faction captive government. Faction 4: notable group, str 8, Self perpetuating oligarchy. Banned goods: weapons, tech, travelers. Law 4. Spaceport C, Pirate base, TAS base, and Scout base. Water world, Icecapped

Term Synopses

Term 1:
str7 dex9 end9 int8 edu8 soc2
Basic training: Athletics (any), Survival, Combat Engineer, Deception, Stealth, Gun Combat (any)
PerDev (+1 dex)
Survival Pass
Event53 Serving under a charismatic leader causes all in your unit to gain admirers for your cause. Gain 1d3 contacts. 3 contacts rolled
promotion! Soldado: gun combat 1 or explosive 1
PerDev (Jack of all trades)

Term 2:
PerDev (+1 dex)
Survival Pass
Event 31 (betrayal Event) one contact becomes rival or enemy
PerDev (Jack of all trades)

Term 3:
PerDev (+1 dex)
Survival Pass
Event15 Your enemies stoop to using terribly underhanded tactics to try and ferret your unit out. Throw Stealth 8+. If you fail, you are captured and ejected from the unit. If you succeed however, you get a bigger share of the ticket’s proceeds and gain +2 DM to your next Benefit roll. PASSED LIKE A BOSS
PROMOTION! Teniente tactics (Military) 1
PerDev (+1 dex)

Term 4:
PerDev (+1 str)
Survival Pass
Event 21 By taking sides in an extremely complicated conflict you end up angering some and making allies with others. Gain a Contact, an Ally, a Rival and an Enemy.
PerDev (+1 melee blade)
Pass aging

Term 5:
PerDev (+1 str)
Survival Pass
61 A major attack is launched with your allies providing a diversion. Roll Stealth or Gun Combat 8+. Success and the target was destroyed, gain 1d3 contacts. Failure and their sacrifice was wasted, gain 1d3 Enemies. passed gun combat, three contacts gained
PROMOTION! Coronel leadership 1:
PerDev (Jack of all trades)
Pass Aging

Term 6:
PerDev (+1 Dex)
Survival Pass
Event 51 You are savaged by local wildlife. Roll on the Injury table but gain Melee (any) 1 or Survival 1. lost limb or eye, medical care roll succedded for 100% employer pays.
PROMOTION! Comandante
PerDev (+1 dex)
Pass aging

Mustering Out:
90k cred
+3 end
+1 ally
free trader

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