Van Ryan Nebula
Spartan killing a serpent.

The Van Ryan Nebula is the sole full sector belonging to the Brigade of the Spartan Ideal. The first world colonized was Alcmaeon, Croton System, in 2250. The Spartan capitol world is, appropriately, Sparta, Laconia System. Due to the lingering animosity between the Spartan Brigade and the Core Systems Free Republic, the Core Systems Scout Service has classed all the worlds of the Van Ryan Nebula under a code Red travel advisory.

Even if the Spartans were not hostile to the Republic's interests, it would be ill-advised to enter the nebula; the sector is notoriously difficult to navigate, and the conventional wisdom is that only Spartan navigators can pick through the thick mire of the gaseous cloud.


By Earth astrogational standards (see Core Systems Scout Service), the Van Ryan Nebula is 3 sectors antispinward and 0 sectors rimward from Earth (technically Titan Sector). This gives the Nebula's relative grid coordinates the dimensions of (-3X0X). X System, for example, is at relative coordinates -3X0Y.

Political Status

The formal recognition of the Spartan Brigade as a legitimate government was forced at the signing of the Treaty of Harbin. Doing so legitimized the Spartans as the governors of the Van Ryan Nebula, and as much as Republic diplomats hate to admit it, the Spartans do very well with their limited resources.

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