Umbra is a Core Systems-aligned rogue planet in Titan Sector. The Core Systems Scout Service has issued an Amber travel advisory on the planet due to its lack of readily available hydrogen for out-jumps.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Umbra is a rogue planetoid discovered by the Titan Sector Gravitic Mapping Project in 2451. Considered a mere data fluctuation for several years, an exploration ship eventually uncovered the rogue planet and defined its course heading antispinward into Phoenix Sector. Ongoing geological studies are still trying to discover the composition of the star Umbra was cast free from, but to date have made no matches. Its surface temperature is extremely low in accordance with its lack of solar radiation to warm it, there is no atmosphere to retain heat or condense into water, and the surface gravity of 0.05g is rendered virtually moot by the use of artificial gravity in all installations and habitats.


Umbra is home to a mere 600 permanent personnel, largely researchers from Republic universities and the Bureau of Space Science trying to answer the riddle of where Umbra was created. Of note is the rigidly enforced 24-hour Terran day schedule, which - on a world with no sun - at least attempts to keep the locals from going insane from ambient light deprivation.


Largely subsidized by Republic grants and tax money, Umbra has no real exports. Supply routes through the system are few in number because of Umbra's lack of native hydrogen for its own needs, much less for refuling jump vessels. The basic necessities are provided by monthly Republic freighters, but luxury goods and hard-to-find equipment always fetch a premium price on the rogue planet.


The Republic maintains a local office of 'planetoid regent' in lieu of a true administration, and regents are elected by local staff on a Terran-yearly basis.

Travellers' Information


Because Umbra lacks a gas giant or other source of hydrogen, there is no fuel available for outjumps. The CSSS has listed Umbra under an Amber advisory with the hopes of avoiding unnecessary trips to the rogue planet that would be cut short by lack of fuel to leave the system.

Travellers' Resources

Umbra has nothing to offer the typical traveller.


Umbra is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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