Traveller's Aid Society
The 'Horizon' insignia of the TAS

The Traveller's Aid Society (or TAS) is an organization created to maintain contacts and hospitable shelter arrangements for its members across human space. There are currently TAS facilities on more than fifty worlds in nine sectors.


The Traveller's Aid Society has remained largely unchanged since its conception on Luna in 2218. The TAS was founded by Azam Wright, an entrepreneur and independent explorer. Wright created the TAS out of the perceived need for cohesion and promotion of travel to and from distant worlds. At first only the members of his social circle enjoyed any benefits, but several other ad-hoc benefit societies merged with the TAS between 2230 and 2239.


Every being under the umbrella of the Traveller's Aid Society shall be sustained and informed,
to promote the further expansion of knowledge and to seek out new worlds.

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