The Retributors

The Retributors is a CoreNet drama series out of Phoenix Sector regarding the pilots of the 319th Interceptor Squadron - the titular Retributors - of the Core Systems Republic Navy. Starting in 2496, the series had an immediate impact, as the writers of the show were careful to give a sense of closure to the Core Systems-Spartan War that the diplomacy failed to do. On a weekly basis, the 319th deals with the aftershocks of the CS-Spartan War, and their commitment to preserving the fragile peace that has been built. Retributors is filmed from Curion's Studio 3.

Plot Synopsis

The 319th Interceptor Squadron of the Republic Navy is stationed aboard the Antonin-class pocket carrier CSRS Sentinel, positioned along the CS-Spartan border at Seine System. Their squadron leader, Colonel Horace "Orphan" Connolly, was a renowned pilot on the Coreward Front during the war, but has developed a reputation for losing wingmen. The 319th - long considered a punishment posting - is tasked with patrolling the system using their F3 Hotspurs, since an increasing amount of smuggling has come through Seine System in the wake of the war. The series' main focus is the battle against pirates who have attempted to move into the system, but more attention is due the pilots of the 319th - misfits, rebels, criminals and oddballs - and Connolly's efforts to whip them into shape.


Colonel Horace Connolly


Portrayed by Studio 3 veteran Marc Hammacher, Col. Connolly is a war hero who bears both the laurels and scars of long service to the Navy. His callsign, Orphan, refers to the troubling pattern of his wingmen dying during his prior postings, which was initially a source of great concern to the squadron. He takes great care to do what he can to help his subordinates, even if it means kicking their ass from pillar to post.

Captain Maria Franco


The 319th's squadron XO, portrayed by Anna Villalobos. Captain Franco was posted to the 319th as an afterthought, a pacifist reservist who was 'temporarily' assigned to a CSRN carrier during the war and never deactivated. Her tendencies to cover squadmates rather than actively hunt enemies gave her the joke nickname 'Mother Hen', which translated not long after into her callsign, Madre. Her oath of nonviolence is tested on a regular basis, forcing her to balance her conscience with her duty.

Captain Cynthia Maxwell


Portrayed by Jaime Luna Nils, Captain Maxwell is a native of Innsmouth, Phoenix Sector, and suffers from terrible nightmares and odd mannerisms. This - and her homeworld's reputation for producing loonies - has made her about as welcome as a torpedo to the face on board the Sentinel, and her dreary outlook has led to her callsign, Doomsday. A significant fraction of the series has been devoted to Maxwell's struggles with her disability, and Connolly's attempts to help her overcome.

Commander Allison Yukata


Played by actress Mayuko Tobun with considerable graphical augmentation from Studio 3's art department, "Jitterbug" is a Glitter-baby - an individual born to an Iridescin-β addict, with the result of being as naturally twitchy and sensitive (and, arguably, as reckless and foolhardy) as someone amped up on Glitter itself.

Lt. Commander Dean Jacoby


Played by actor Randall Patrick Juarez, Dean "DJ" Jacoby was noted among the 319th's roster as a thief and pilferer, but his light fingers proved useful in more than one case. Later in his run on the series, DJ wound up engaged in a physical relationship with Captain Maxwell - the love scenes of which later boosted those episodes' ratings through the roof in reruns and episode purchases. Lt. Cmdr. Jacoby was killed in the line of duty in the second season finale, "And the Rain Ever Falling", by a pirate warship, saving Doomsday in the process.

Lieutenant Janice Parham


Another reservist, Lieutenant Parham brings with her all manner of bad luck - fires, explosions, system glitches, hardware malfunctions - and the ominous nickname of "Fireball". Played by actress Ilya Cohen.

Lieutenant Cooper Harriman


A replacement pilot added to the 319th Squadron in the third season premiere after DJ's untimely death in the second season finale, Lieutenant Harriman was brought in as a punishment posting following her assault and near-murder of a fellow officer. Once the poster woman for every cadet at the Reading Naval Flight Academy, her brutal attack on a comrade almost had her cashiered - and if her behavior since has been any indication, "Hellion" wishes that she actually had been discharged. Played by actress Hannah Grigorivich.

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