The King and The Duke

The King and The Duke are, by all accounts, conmen and frauds of the highest degree. Shunned, banished, run out and threatened of numerous towns on numerous worlds, the two would be thrown into prison without question on those certain planets. Their success owes to their great capability at their trade. Sole owners, proprietors, and actors of the Royal Nonesuch, their front, which they used as a confidence trick/ponzi scheme.

Essentially the same person, The King and The Duke only have minor differences. The King wears, the point where it might actually be a part of his skeletal structure, a cheap plastic crown. The Duke wears a large fur lined cape.

The Royal Nonesuch is their theater production, where they recite the "Great classics." In reality, it's actually a horrible compilation of thousands of years of human literature which they try to claim off as the work of a single old poet. Soliloquies are their main trade, however they do scenes and acts as well. Rarely will they do an entire play. The schemes, however, come from after the show. Naturally, they are affable, presentable, and decent enough to have at least a few of the audience approach them when they are done, inquiring about them. The King and the Duke then direct the conversation to "funding," going so far to sell "stock" of their entirely fictional corporation. Of late, they have been successful enough to actually pretend to have investments coming in, and the two of them think their future is bright.

The…meeting, of the two and Shepard, came late in his life, after the war and retirement to the merchant fleet. He had a number of middle passages he needed to fill, so he turned to what were otherwise classified as…undesirable fares. However, spots were vacant and money was tight. On they went. As per middle passage, they were required to do a certain number of…community service hours, to fill the gaps in their fare. They did this by otherwise entertaining the passengers, and even the crew between shifts and breaks.

To Shepard's great surprise, the two men were…of decent character. He, of course, had been exposed to, and even dealt minorly in, the…less savory parts of the Republic Navy, so the fact that they were actually, well, entertaining was quite astonishing. Their stories, which of course were completely fictional, were nonetheless quite complete and detailed, to a point where they would talk, and he would sit, for hours. It was all fantastic.

Naturally, when all was over, they got right back to their confidence scheme, but shit, with talents like that who didn't buy into it? They made a fortune on that journey. Shepard respectfully declined to put any credits towards the venture but appreciated their efforts nonetheless, well intentioned or not, they did everyone a favor. For this reason, Shepard has remained in contact, however sparse.

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