The Bush War

The Bush War was a series of conflicts that took place primarily on the surface of planet Mangrove, though two recorded ship-to-ship conflicts also occurred inside Matterhorn system. The war is widely credited as the catalyst of the Terran Stellar League's Bill of Colonial Powers, though it is most commonly known as the setting for the opera Night in Two Houses (see In Popular Media, below).


Mangrove Colony was founded in 2155 by a joint partnership of EDJE and the Givens-Vdovin corporation. While EDJE provided the necessary transportation equipment, most of the day-to-day living conditions and civic welfare were controlled directly by Givens-Vdovin. Tensions between the two overseeing groups began to rise following the League's decision to expand taxation on mining and manufacturing exports on all EDJE colonies.

In 2157, Givens-Vdovin president Charles Okigbo married noble Dutchess Antweir of Lachenal, an influential figure and the de facto head of Green Globe World Management. The marriage was widely viewed as a political maneuver to attain total control of Mangrove's population.

Outbreak of fighting

Following the marriage, Givens-Vdovin moved to stage a coup, beginning with the forcible detainment of EDJE officials in the Aloni Pasture region on April 3, 2158. A platoon of UN troops attempted to regain control of the region, but were driven back by saturated bombings orchestrated by Green Globe.

Burning of Planei

Green Globe's control of in-system craft meant UN defense convoys could not safely mass in orbit. On January 8, 2159, UN security forces were dropped into the city of Planei, where they attempted to shut down communication and defensive grids. At some point in the operation, a mistake was made and the city's entire communications system flatlined. The resulting chaos caused an air transit vessel to crash into a residential district, killing more than 400 people and setting the city on fire. The event triggered widespread backlash against UN troops, and several large-scale riots occurred during the following months.

Ceasefire and Resolution

Following the Planei debacle, public support grew for the cessation of UN control over recognized stable colony worlds. A majority of UN officials were relocated off-planet, and Green Globe was given far-reaching control over planetary affairs. By 2162, the world was largely under Green Globe control, although several groups resistant to corporate oversight continued to plague the new government.

In popular media

Popular perception of the war differs significantly from the recorded series of events. Much of this is due to opera writer Sima Tebrin's re-envisioning of Duchess Antweir, and her family's role in the conflict.

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