Terranger K7

The TerRanger K-Series is a series of full sized grav trucks from TerRanger Machinery and Supplies which has been sold for the last couple of decades. Most commonly seen in the hands of rental agencies within starports, or on cargo ships on a budget, the K-Series is extremely popular both in the Core Systems Free Republic and the Spartan Brigade, which has led to some accusations of the entire TerRanger corporation being Spartan sympathizers and traitors. This however is a vocal minority - and doesn't seem to affect sales very much. The K-Series is numbered by how much cargo each vehicle in the line can handle in tons, rounded down, and while not fast it serves well as a cheap and reliable solution for traders who cannot enter the atmosphere.

TerRanger K7 M3 Mass (kg) Cost (Cr)
Hull 33 Hull 120
Standard, Sealed Configuration 33 Structure 12,000 45,000
Armor Light Alloys 2
Drive System Grav 6 900 3,000,000
Power Plant Hydrogen Fuel Cell-10 Power Output 88 4 500 9600
Communications TL7 Radio 100 100 km .5 5 1000
Environmental Basic Life Support 1.2 240 60,000
Fuel 96 Liters 24 Hours of Operation .096 96
Cargo 100.654 M3 7.5 tons
Crew 1 Driver
Operating Stations 1 1.25 125
Passengers 1 Passenger 1.25 100/20
Equipment Sealed Cargo Lifter 3 687 15,000
Speed Cruise: 180 kph Top: 240 kph Offroad: - kph
Ground Pressure -
Total 120 14656 3,132,600 Cr
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