Terran Stellar League
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The 'Unity' insignia of the old Terran Stellar League

The Terran Stellar League was an alliance of human colonies, originating from their homeworld of Earth and spreading to - in its prime - ten sectors of space. It evolved from the United Nations Extrasolar Jump Drive Effort (EJDE, pronounced "edge"), a multinational concern originally organized to test superluminal propulsion, but which unofficially expanded to cover colonizing planets and such.

Organized from Earth and the colonies in 2183, it reached its greatest power and influence in 2290, just before the Human-Skaald War. After that point, internal strife and the economic drain of fighting a war on the frontier caused it to fracture into several smaller governments, including the Core Systems Free Republic, the Spartan Brigade, the Penitent Brotherhood, and other, smaller nations.

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