Tayban Nobanson

Character Sheet

Commander Tayban Nobanson, (ret.)


Str - 6 +0
Dex - 8 +0
End - 7 +0
Int - 13 +2
Edu - 12 +2
Soc - 6 +0


Carouse 0
Comms 0
Computers 0
Discipline 0
Gun Combat 0
Gun Combat (Shotgun) 2
Gunnery 0
Gunnery (Turret) 3
Leadership 1
Melee 0
Melee (Blade 1)
Pilot 0
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Tactics 0
Tactics (Naval) 1
Zero-G 0


16k Credits
Subdermal Armor

Life and Times

Born on Proteus, it seemed like Tayban was destined for the Fleet. His father, Noban Petiorson was a mid-level officer in the CSRN, and since Tayban was old enough for his father to take him into orbit, Tayban knew that the Navy was the life for him. When he graduated from secondary school,

One Gunnery Contact
One Contact outside my normal circles.

Gained an enemy when he broke up a drug ring

Graduated with Honors from the Gunnery College on his home planet.
Advanced to Sublieutenant as a Crewman.
Advanced to Commander as a Gunnery Officer.

Fleshing out to come as I can think of it.

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