Tathnel is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Tath System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

A slightly more pleasant companion world to Eridu in Manticore Sector, Tathnel is also a liquid-covered world - the sole landmass being the Great Mountain that extends perhaps fifty meters above the waves, but goes down (and down and down) into Tathnel's eternal oceans, further down than any ship has yet gone. Surface gravity is .5g, the planet's diameter (from oceantop to oceantop) is some 8000km, and the planet has a thin but breathable nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere (at 0.6atm) thanks to vast patches of floating seaweed-like plants.

The south shore of the Great Mountain.


Despite its vastly more forgiving biosphere, Tathnel has nowhere near the population of its hydrocarbon-laden cousin; the seemingly planetary attitude of 'sustainable living at all costs' is at odds with most of the Core Systems at large, so there is only one population center of six thousand citizens on the ocean shores of the Great Mountain, eagerly adapting any new method of conserving or reusing resources to their already-stingy lifestyles.


To the annoyance of the planet's inhabitants, Tathnel is home to many species that bear medically useful compounds, including some difficult-to-synthesize serums against virulent diseases endemic to some of the wilder planets in human space. Great Mountain has also revealed over time that it holds within its structure valuable radioactives and crystals of use to the Navy and other shipbuilding concerns.


Travellers' Information


Travellers' Resources

Despite the planetary embargo on any terrestrial landings for 100+ ton spacecraft, there is a Class A orbital starport with a TAS hostel, a Naval graving yard, a Department of Justice office, and a biologicals research facility.


Tathnel is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Catskills (Jump-1)
  • Hood (Jump-1)
  • Nile, Manticore Sector (Jump-1)
    • Hathor C985696-8 Ag Pirate, Scout, TAS Amber
  • Mississippi, Manticore Sector (Jump-1)
  • Annapurna (Jump-2)
  • Lyskamm (Jump-2)
  • Thames, Manticore Sector (Jump-2)
    • Reading B4047CE-A IC, Va Naval, Consulate
  • Tigris, Manticore Sector (Jump-2)
    • Eridu DABAAAB-B Fl, Wa Scout Amber
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