Lady Tara Radcliffe York

Age: 33
b. 7/24/2465

Str 4 (-1)
Dex 9 (+1)
Endurance 9 (+1)
Int 11 (+1)
Education 3 (-1)
Social 10 (+1)

Admin 0
Advocate 0
Carouse 1
Comms 0
Computers 0
Deception 3
Diplomat 0
Drive 0
Gun Combat (Pistols) 1
Investigate 0
Persuade 1
Pilot (spaceship) 1
Recon 1
Stealth (1)
Streetwise 1


  • 65tlqv.gif 750,000 Payout share from claim sale
  • 6 ship shares
  • Jacket with smart fabric and computer weave
    • Protection: 1
    • TL 11/ Computer 1
    • 65tlqv.gif2,050
  • Renali Arms Negotiator
    • TL 8 Body Pistol, chambered in 9mm.
    • Small and concealable, for the noble on the go.
    • Body pistols are manufactured from plastics and cultured bone, making them very difficult to detect using conventional weapons scanners. Body pistols increase the difficulty of Sensors checks to detect them to Very Difficult (–4).
Name Weapon TL Range Damage Auto Recoil Mass (kg) Magazine Cost Ammo Cost
Renali Arms Negotiator Body Pistol 8 Ranged (pistol) 3d6–3 No –1 - 6 500 20
  • Protec Suit (Mercenary p93)
    • Protection: 4
    • TL 11/ Computer 1
    • 65tlqv.gif1,350
  • Tannin(e?) capsules
    • 11 light and 11 dark
    • 65tlqv.gif800



Contacts/ Rivals/ Enemies

  • Scout-Captain Reyes Subert
    • Some schmoe on Sipra my father met once. He thinks I remember him.

Gained Streetwise 1. Recruited by a conspiracy of nobles. Rolled Persuade 8 and gained a level of Deception. Advanced to rank 1 dilettante and gained +1 Dex.

Gained another rank of Deception. Inherit a gift from a rich relative (+1 to any Benefit roll). Became a rank 2 dil (Ingrate) and gained Carouse 1 and Deception 3.

Became a spy. Gained Drive 0. Got Gun Combat 1. Went above and beyond the call of duty and gained +2 to my next advancement check. Advanced to Agent (but got nothing because Deception was already 3). Got Persuade 1.

Got Recon 1. Failed Survival and lost her right leg (Dex -2).
No more work as an agent for a while, but the cabal paid for half her surgery to clone a new leg (5000 cr).

Noble: 6 ship shares
Agent: 25,000 cr, +1 Int

Tara was a spoiled child, raised by cowed governesses and overindulgent parents. She had no interest in school, and her status made her untouchable to education authorities or the police. By the time she was 18 she had been involved in (and her father had subsequently paid to have covered up) more crimes than many of the long-term felons employed as indentured laborers deep within Magnolia's gleaming cities.

The idea of stifling higher education was laughable, so she spent the next three years on a series of extended debaucheries among Magnolia's young elite, using her wits and resources to hide the majority of her messes from her parents.

Her immense trust fund, left to her by a grandfather who died without knowing her, was burned through within a single year.

During that wild year, she was maneuvered into a position within an entourage in order to secure his cooperation. She immediately recognized the scam for what it was, and forced her would-be benefactors into a dangerous confrontation. She made her case held at gunpoint by those uneager to risk exposure, and was swept up into their cabal when she convinced them that she could do more than cloud a man's mind. After her first successful assignment she was brought into the conspiracy as a full player, and spent months in a secret cabal-owned gymnasium honing her balance and aim.

After that she dived headfirst into the tangled web of court intricacies, playing multiple roles and spinning elaborate ruses across Titan Sector, all the while manipulating others to her own benefit. By the time she was in her late twenties she had moved from playing brainless vixens to the dangerous world of espionage. Her ability to think on her feet negated her lack of schooling and made her a natural mole.

At the age of 32, she found herself again playing the game of looks, posing as the naive Terran consort to an antagonistic councilman on Colus while secretly funneling information to local resistance groups. The operation was discovered, and Tara was extracted minutes later, but not before being seriously injured by an explosion in the ensuing firefight. Her right leg was completely destroyed, and she almost died before being placed in cryo. She awoke in a cabal hospital, where she agreed to remain on call in exchange for the use of their cloning facilities.

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