Tai Meduna

Tai Meduna|human|male|B78448
Rank 3 Marine
Rank 1 Merchant Marine
Homeworld: Ashoka (gas giant)
Homeworld skills: Vacc Suit, Zero-G
Education skill: Admin

Tai was born on a gas hauler just off Ashoka to his pregnant space trucker mom. He didn't get much schooling riding shotgun across the sector, but he did learn how to fill out forms to help his mom out.

After that it was twelve years in the Marines, where he fell in with a black-ops program that had him posing as a bellhop by the end. Once he finally got sick of that, he jumped ship and hooked up with a gigantic hauling conglomerate, doing the same thing he spent his childhood on.

And then the guy from the spaceliner offered him a job…


Admin 0
Athletics (any) 0
Battle Dress 0
Engineer (any) 1
Gambler 2
Gun Combat (any) 0
Gun Combat (any) 1
Heavy Weapons (any) 0
Mechanic 1
Melee (blade) 1
Stealth 0
Steward 1
Tactics 0
Vacc Suit 0
Zero-G 1

Marines benefits: weapon, armor, TAS, +1 Edu, weapon
Merchant benefits: 40,000 cr, +1 Edu

Term 1:
Entered Marines (rolled 6,5), took Melee (Blade) 1
Rolled 2 on PerDev (+1 Dex)
Survival mishap (rolled 1,2): You are ordered to take part in a black ops mission that goes against your conscience. If you refuse you are ejected from the service. If you accept you may stay with the marines but gain the lone survivor as an Enemy.
Rolled 11 on events: Your commanding officer takes an interest in your career. Either gain Tactics (any) 1, or take a +4 DM to your next Advancement roll thanks to his aid. Took +4 DM.
Rolled 7 on Advancement; got Gun Combat (any) 1
Rolled PerDev, got Gamber 1

Term 2:
Rolled PerDev, got Str +1
Rolled 10 on Survival
Rolled 4 on Events: You are assigned to the security staff of a space station. Increase Vacc Suit or Zero-G by one level. Took +1 0-G
Rolled 8 on Advancement.
Rolled PerDev, got Gambler 2

Term 3:
Rolled PerDev, got Str +1
Rolled 8 on Survival
Rolled 5 on Events: You are given advanced training in a specialist field. Throw Education 8+ to gain any one skill of your choice at level 1. Rolled 9! Took Steward 1 (it was a black ops mission where I posed as a bellhop).
Rolled 7 on Advancement.
Rolled PerDev, got +1 Dex

Term 4:
Switched to Merchant Marines. Rolled 7 to get in.
Rolled Specialist, got Engineer (any) 1
Rolled 5 on Survival
Rolled 9 on Events: You are given advanced training in a specialist field. Throw Education 8+ to increase any one skill you already have by one level. Failed (rolled 3,1).
Rolled 8 on Advancement, got Mechanic 1.
Rolled PerDev, got Dex +1
Passed Aging roll (rolled 5,4)

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