Tag Behrwell
This is a CoreNet series on historical figures.
Tag Behrwell (2380-2441). From New Hypothesis Weekly.

Dr. Goroh Taguchi "Tag" Behrwell (d. 2441) was a human theoretical physicist and energized field expert remembered mainly for his part in analyzing the Skaald technology used in their planet-killing tectonic disruption weapons, reverse-engineering it from captured specimens and refining it into the fusion disruption field generator - commonly referred to as the Candle Snuffer - used to destroy the Skaald home system of Eta Prometheus. Behrwell volunteered to deploy the device himself - which resulted in his death at the war's conclusion in November of 2441 - and it was not long after that League investigators discovered that all notes, captured Skaald technology and fusion-disruptor prototypes had been taken aboard the Candle Snuffer before its voyage, making it nigh-impossible to build a second.

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