Svathana-class Marine Frigate

The Svathana-class is the smaller of the two Republic Naval vessel classes dedicated to putting Republic Star Marines onboard enemy ships. The Butler-class marine assault ship is the larger counterpart, and whereas that vessel focuses on deploying a great number of boarding pods at once, the Svathana focuses on using its overpowered drive systems to close in on enemy vessels and attempt to dock.

Each Svathana-class frigate carries fifty CSRMC Star Marines and their equipment, with equipment geared to get as close to an enemy ship as possible so it can latch on with its breaching tube and deploy battle-armored Marines into the enemy ship. The breaching chamber aboard is carefully sealed and uses turret-mounted plasma guns to defend the Svathana against counterattacks. Oddly, for a Navy ship, it is regarded as something of a plush post, with considerably more amenities than the average light ship. This is perhaps to compensate for the fact that the Spartan People's Navy painted the equivalent of a big, red bullseye on the hull of any Svathana they encountered in the Core Systems-Spartan War.

Svathana-class Marine Frigate d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 1500 tons Hull 30 160
Structure 30
Armor Ceramol 8 points 150 64
Jump Drive S Jump 4 90 170
Maneuver Drive BB Thrust 6 55 112
Power Plant BB 85 222
Bridge Hardened Bridge 40 9.375
Computer Model 3/bis Rating 15 (20 for JC) 3
Electronics Advanced +1 Jamming DM 3 2
Weapons Hardpoint #1-10 Triple Turret (pulse/pulse/pulse) 10 25
Hardpoint #11-15 Double Turret (particle/sandcaster) 5 19
Fuel 808 tons Jump-4 and 8 weeks 808
Cargo 40 tons 40
50 Staterooms 100 max personnel 200
Extras Ship's Locker
5 Marine Armories 10 2.5
Breaching Tube 3 3
Luxuries 1 0.1
Software Maneuver/0
Jump Control/4 0.4
Evade/2 2
Fire Control/3 6
Total 1,500 800,375,000 Cr
Maintenance Cost (monthly) 66,698 Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) at full occupancy 150,000 Cr
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