Strait-class gunship

The Chechen Systems Longbow-class gunship was introduced to the Core Systems Republic Navy in 2463, as part of the Navy's Small Escort Vessel procurement program. Its primary competitor was the G.V. Nalley Corporation's Strait-class gunship, which failed to make the cut due in large part to GVNC's inflexibility to Naval revision requests. The Strait is a lighter, faster vessel compared to the Longbow, but its broad, short cross-section left more of the ship vulnerable to fire when approaching bow-on. Where the Strait has found acceptance is in the corporate-security market, with Sunward Shipping, Interstellar Resources, and even the Kanbei Cartel (under a rebranded identity) all utilizing the Strait as a fast policing craft and escort vehicle.

Strait gunship d-Tons Cost (Cr)
Hull 300 tons Hull 6 12 MCr
Structure 6
Armor Ceramol 8 points 30 4.8 MCr
Jump Drive C Jump 2 20 30 MCr
Maneuver Drive H Thrust 5 45 80 MCr
Power Plant H 25 64 MCr
Bridge 20 1.5 MCr
Computer Model 1/bis Rating 5 (10 JC) 0.045 MCr
Electronics Basic Civilian -2 Jamming DM 1 0.05 MCr
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Double Turret (beam laser/sandcaster) 1 1.75 MCr
Hardpoint #2 Double Turret (beam laser/sandcaster) 1 1.75 MCr
Hardpoint #3 Triple Turret (pulse/pulse/pulse) 1 2.5 MCr
Fuel 120 tons One Jump-2 and 4 weeks 120
Cargo 2 tons 2
8 Staterooms 16 personnel (max) 32 5 MCr
Extras Fuel Scoops
2 Fuel Processors 2 0.1 MCr
Ship's Locker
Software Maneuver/0
Jump Control/2 0.2 MCr
Fire Control/1 2 MCr
Total 300 205,695,000 Cr
Maintenance Cost (monthly) 17,141 Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) at full occupancy 24,000 Cr
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