Station Tango

Transit Station Tango is a Core Systems-aligned contained living environment in the Rhine System of Manticore Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Station Tango is a Core Systems-style wheel-and-hub station with a large trade area in the wheel area and power and living facilities in the hub, the pair connected by a series of tram tunnel spokes. Power is provided by a large fusion reactor in the low decks of the hub. The station uses 20% oxygen-content air at 0.9atm, allowing for smoking and other open flames on-station. Artificial gravity is in effect and kept to 1.0g.


As the nearest "civilized" system to Spartan space, Station Tango's position on the Rhine-Volga jump point serves as the primary nexus of legal trade between the two nations. As such, there's a perpetually large population on station, easily 100,000 people or more - though the permanent population is much less, more to the tune of 10,000.


Station Tango has no products of its own, but offers many, many products from around the sector and beyond.


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Station Tango falls under the bailiwick of Mainz Planetary Authority, which means that it's run by officious, bureaucratic criminals who'll pilfer any penny they can get their hands on loyal and efficient public servants of a stable planetary government that serves as a model for all Manticore Sector planets to take inspiration from.

Travellers' Information


There are no travel advisories in place for Station Tango.

Travellers' Resources

Station Tango is graded as a Class-C docking facility by the CSSS and offers a Scout Service stelnav update service.


See planet Mainz for a breakdown of travel destinations.

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