Station Cedar

Transit Station Cedar is a Core Systems-aligned contained living environment in the Ostria System of Thunderbird Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Station Cedar is a Core Systems-style open torus station, 8 km in diameter along the rim. Six fusion plants and all transit tubes are spaced around the inside of the axle. Airlock ports run across the outer surface. Small craft are repaired inside the open torus where 0.6g of artificial gravity is provided. Larger ships are typically served by "house calls".

Interior gravity is kept at 0.8, with a high-oxygen atmosphere of 0.9atm that allows for smoking and open flames.


Station Cedar is commonly occupied by one hundred and fifty thousand or more people, though less than forty thousand are permanent residents. Core Systems citizens, Spartan expatriates, Brotherhood missionaries, Mirandolan traders, Auraxian contractors, scouts, prospectors, pirates, and asylum-seekers from Yuma all pass through Cedar's hallways. The Navy tries to keep the worst out - and station security does not hesitate to use excessive force - but Cedar is known as the roughest Transit Station in human space.


The bulk of Station Cedar's economy is in servicing ships and trading goods from across the sector. Virtually no space is devoted to locally-produced objects.


As a Core Systems Transit Station, Cedar is governed by the Deepti Planetary Authority. Until recently the planetary government was content to let the Navy and station security handle the station, but in recent months open conflict between several regional factions have spilled over into Cedar.

Travellers' Information


Station Cedar falls under the same asteroid advisory as Deepti. Even if this were not the case, the Scout Service has stated that an Amber-status tag has been applied to Station Cedar because of possible dangers from terror- or other ideology-based groups. The station is currently under what could be termed "martial law", and any perceived crime is dealt with more harshly than it might otherwise be.

Travellers' Resources

Station Cedar boasts an impressive Class-A starport that can serve even the largest craft. A full Republic Consulate, TAS lodge, and Scout Service office are also contained inside the station.


See planet Deepti for a breakdown of travel destinations.

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