Spade Colony is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Snake System of Manticore Sector. A code Red travel advisory is in effect for the system.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Spade Colony is a 5,000km diameter rock orbiting the gas giant Columbia, the cessation of ongoing terraforming leaving the planet's surface an icy, dust-whipped lump. The atmospheric pressure is 0.6 atm at a low point, the fine dust carried in omnipresent storms across the surface forcing all those on the surface to wear a filter. Most surface water is still locked in the polar caps, which some 47% of the planet altogether. The planet's low mass leaves the surface gravity a minimal 0.25g, forcing essential colony facilities to pull a full 1g using artificial gravity.


Spade Colony has been undergoing a steady exodus for several decades. Never a populous colony by any stretch of the imagination, the outbreak of the Core Systems-Spartan War and the Spartan People's Navy pushing along the only short-jump path to Snake System has forced the colony to deport nonessential personnel back to the CS at large. Now a ghost colony of sorts, with a population of 2,900 less than a tenth of its current subterranean capacity, Spade relies on its now-greatly-reduced CSRN picket to prevent the Spartans from simply moving in and taking over - out of spite, if nothing else.


With no regular traffic into or out of the system, Spade's economy is essentially nonexistent.


The political situation on Spade is tenuous thanks to its proximity to the CS-Spartan border. Despite repeated Republic protests, the Spartans have enacted a full blockade of the Styx-Snake jump point in Styx System, preventing even humanitarian aid from crossing the border into Snake System. Spade Colony elects an official to the role of Spade Planetary Authority Chairperson about every five years, mainly for the purposes of filing formal protests with the Spartan government and increasingly dire requests for aid from the Republic.

Travellers' Information


The Core Systems Scout Service has enacted a code Red travel advisory for Snake System due to its close proximity to Spartan Brigade space and distance from Naval protection. Travellers' safety is not guaranteed in the event of the renewal of hostilities, and military forces in-system will not be dispatched to assist civilian ships under attack.

Travellers' Resources

Spade Colony has a League-era starport, unable to handle large craft but capable of landing 500-ton craft in underground bays. It holds a TAS hostel that's all but shut down in the modern day, along with a Republic Department of Agriculture office (now mostly administering to the underground mushroom fields) and the field office for the Rimward Stellar Cartography Project, a more-or-less unfunded group using telescopes to predict the jump networks in the sector rimward from Manticore Sector.


Spade is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):


The following systems are in Jump-2 range of Spade, but the CSSS strongly recommends avoiding nonvital travel as they bear code Red travel advisories:

  • Styx System (Jump-1)
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