Sophie Nuun

Sophie was born on Earth, in a crowded megalopolis along with ten billion other Delhi-Lore citizens. A few lucky breaks throughout her tracked classes brought her out of the sprawl and into an exclusive government school. After graduating near the top of her class, she landed a position as an entry-level holofiler for the Republic Financial Archive in Par-Lin. Six years of being stymied through promotion for her outspoken opposition to the CS-Spartan War led to her successfully suing her office for discrimination - a move that earned her the ire of her former supervisor and then-current colleague.

When the Armistice Riots reached their fever pitch, Sophie took to the streets with billions of other Earthers. After the Armistice Coup reorganized Earth's government, she was promoted to a managerial position within the Financial Archive, where she discovered a cover-up of massive wartime fraud. The new government was only too happy to investigate, but was blocked in the courts when the bulk of the former ruling party retook office. She spent a week in protective custody prior to her appearance in court, before it was removed.

The day before Sophie was scheduled to testify, her apartment complex was bombed, killing 117. She escaped by chance and fled Earth; first to Luna and then rimward, burning through her last credits on low-berth passages to push as far from the reach of her unknown enemy as she could.

In the months since then, she has managed to survive on the edge of society, living hand-to-mouth and using her bureaucratic know-how to forge a new life under a new name.

Sophie Nuun (Assumed Name: Noor Jacobs), 30 years old, Female, Earther

Ex-Republic Financial manager
b. 25 May 2468


Strength: 5
Dexterity: 10
Endurance: 8
Intelligence: 9
Education: 14
Social Standing: 6

Characteristic Dice Modifier
0 –3
1–2 –2
3–5 –1
6–8 +0
9–11 +1
12–14 +2
15 +3


Advocate 1
Admin 1
Broker 1
Carouse 0
Computers 1
Diplomat 0
Explosives 1
Gun Combat (Pistols 1)
Language 0
Leadership 0
Stealth 1
Streetwise 0
Trade 0


Roughly-patched business suit (black, reinforced elbows)
Executive briefcase (silver spun plastic; slightly scuffed)
Traveller's duffel bag (reinforced with stickytape)
Large-caliber autopistol

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