Song Valencia


Rank 3 Merchant (broker)

Str 6
Dex 7
End 8
Int 12 (+2)
Edu 13 (+2)
Soc 10 (+1)

Admin 0
Advocate 1
Animals 0
Broker 2
Carouse 0
Comms 0
Drive (any) 0
Deception 1
Gun Combat (any) 0
Medic 1
Persuade 1
Pilot (Small craft) 1
Steward 0
Streetwise 2
Trade 0
Vacc Suit 0

Term 1:
Got into Merchant. Rolled Deception 1. You have a chance to risk your fortune on a possibility lucrative deal. You may gamble a number of Benefit rolls and roll Gambler 8+ or Broker 8+. If you succeed, you gain half as many Benefit rolls as you risked, rounding up. If you fail, you lose all the rolls risked. Either way, gain one level in whichever skill you used. Risked 1 bennie. Failed, raised Broker to 1. Passed Advancement roll (got Broker 1 again). Rolled on Broker table, got Broker 2.

Term 2:
Rolled Streetwise 1. Rolled survival, passed (needed 5, rolled 5). You are embroiled in legal trouble. Gain one of Advocate 1, Admin 1, Diplomat 1 or Investigate 1. Took Advocate 1. Failed advancement roll.

Term 3:
Rolled Perdev, got End +1. Passed survival roll. A good deal ensures you’re living the high life for a few years. Gain a +1 DM to any one Benefit roll. Rolled boxcars for advancing. Rolled Streetwise 2.

Term 4:
Rolled Pilot (any) 1. Passed Survival roll. Mishap but not ejected: Your ship or starport is destroyed by criminals. Gain them as an Enemy. Passed Advancement. Failed Aging roll: Reduce two physical characteristics by 1. Reduced Endurance (to 8) and Dex (to 7)

Age 34: Drafted into the Navy as a purchase officer.

Got Persuade 1 and Medic 1 from the skill package.


5 Free Trader shares
+1 Edu
+1 Edu
20k credits
10k credits

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