Sol Station One

Sol Station One is a Core Systems-aligned contained living environment on the shaded side of Mercury in Sol System, Titan Sector.

Planetary Data

Physical Data

Sol Station One is a Core Systems-style wheel-and-hub station with a large trade area in the wheel area and power and living facilities in the hub, the pair connected by a series of tram tunnel spokes. Power is provided by a large fusion reactor in the low decks of the hub. The station uses 20% oxygen-content air at 0.9atm, allowing for smoking and other open flames on-station. Artificial gravity is in effect and kept to 1.0g.


The station's permanent population is roughly 2,000 individuals, primarily operators and support staff for a junking operation on the station or for mining on Mercury's surface. The slowdown in demand for minerals and salvage from Sol Station One's activities means that the station is undergoing a slow death through economic stagnation and brain drain, as the station's best and brightest leave Station One - or Sol System all together - for brighter prospects.


Sol Station One's primary exports are ferrous ores from the Mercury mines, as well as alloys and refined metals and 'used' equipment from wrecks brought into the station. Occasional strikes of less common metals are found on Mercury, but these strikes are few and far between. Unsubstantiated reports indicate that a steady flow of niclasmerin precursors is shipped into the station, and the finished product disseminated out on ore transports.


Sol Station One is overseen by a self-propagating 'labor oversight commission' that selects its members through an opaque, internal process.

Travellers' Information


The Core Systems Scout Service has no formal trade advisory on Sol Station One; however, visitors are advised to curtail all unnecessary business on Sol Station One to avoid potential conflict with unsavory elements on-station.

Travellers' Resources

The CSSS maintains a token recruiting office on Sol Station One, one of the few legitimate ways for Station One residents to leave for good without paying through the nose.


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