Simone is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Lincoln System of Scylla Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Simone is a smaller-than-Earth world, approximately 6,700 km at its equator. Surface gravity is 0.36g. The planet has a very thin atmosphere (0.41atm at sea level) with 52% surface water. Ice sheets cover another 20%.


Eight hundred and fifty million humans live on Simone, in gleaming towers designed to catch and absorb Lincoln's meager light. Another 340,000 are spread between three orbital stations scattered around Lincoln System.

Simone's population is one of the wealthiest in the sector, and its people are well-known for elaborate pageantry and pervasive formality in almost every aspect of social interaction, from the manner in which a chauffeur is addressed and paid to the elaborate and RISFAB-altering wedding ceremonies of the maharanis.

Despite Simone's strict social norms, the planet's political and commercial power ensures that the beings from all over human space pass through. Lincoln System is the one region of Scylla where a resident can expect to see a Mirandolan more than once in their life, and even the Jensai have adopted the human custom. Their seekers now pay homage to Simone's houses on the first pass through the region as a way of solidifying the rights of the Angelfish to come and go as they please.


Simone maintains a few small production plants that steadily assemble high-end robots, but most of the planet's might is in its consolidation of shipping routes around Lincoln's advantageous corner of space.


Simone's government is a holdover from the provincial days of generations past, but one that has managed to evolve and keep abreast with the changing tides of power in the region. An elite group of nobles has managed to to consolidate their power over the last hundred and fifty years, to the point where they function as the de facto Core Systems government (at least as far as the lucrative trading industry that surrounds Lincoln System is concerned). Most natives would be amused at an egalitarian's consternation over the planet's lack of regard for Republic rules of equality, but Lincoln's effective disturbance-prevention forces ensure that any social strife is played out with the utmost taste.

Travellers' Information


Lincoln's populace is extremely security-minded, and travellers leaving the starport grounds must be accompanied by a Simone citizen who agrees to be responsible for any misconduct on the visitor's part.

Mercantile ships hoping to set up contacts on Simone should prepare for a three-day ordeal of memorizing protocol culminating in a lavish banquet attended by the host's peers. These events serve to highlight "the company one keeps", and act as venues for many nuanced levels of professional and personal relationships. Not surprisingly, the guests of honor are usually significantly less enthused than the others in attendance.

Travellers' Resources

Simone hosts a class-C starport with a TAS.


Simone is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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