Sielen is a Kanbei Group-aligned planet in the Haneul System of Scylla Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Sielen is a smaller-than-Earth world just over 10,600 km in diameter with a thin, corrosive atmosphere (0.5atm) and a nightmarishly high surface temperature. The average temperature at "sea level" is above 110˚, and thus no liquid water is present. The landscape itself is a pocked plain of rough, pitted stone that can cut even the most durable environmental suit. Surface gravity is about 0.75g.


Roughly 7 million people live on Sielen, mostly Kanbei citizens with about 1.5 million Core Systems citizens and roughly six thousand members of the Brotherhood of the Penitent Man. The Brotherhood population is more isolated here than usual, as Sielen's larger culture is fairly obsessed with the sexualization of females.


Haneul System contains a surprisingly large number of asteroids and other fragmented bodies, of which the mining and contracting of forms a large part of the system's economic output.

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The Core Systems Free Republic Department of Criminal Investigations has identified numerous human-trafficking organizations as having originated in or near Haneul System, specifically the Gatlund Downs section of the Sielen spaceport.


The thirty-member board of the Sielen Investment Group assigns all government positions and is largely unconcerned with the planet's perceived morality, focusing only on the most efficient assigning of officials to oversee the various aspects of the local mining industry. In the wake of several unflattering CoreNetNews pieces detailing the (alleged) human trafficking, the Kanbei Group has moved to replace the board with members more in line with the Group's salable public image. So far this has all been carried out in secret, to avoid public disturbances or any unwanted fluctuations of local stocks.

Travellers' Information


Female travellers are advised to be discreet in their movements and activities on Sielen unless they wish to be the target of unsolicited advances.

Because of the planet's hostile natural environment, travellers are cautioned not to venture onto Sielen's surface, either in ground craft or environmental suits, as rescue aid may be minimal or nonexistent.

Travellers' Resources

Aside from a large Flashpoint Defense Contractors training and launching orbital complex, Haneul System has little to offer besides commercial interests. The organized Brotherhood groups are considerably more welcoming toward outsiders than in other systems - this is more a reaction to the larger culture's "depravity" than any sort of organized policy.


Starland Station is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Kong
    • Cannin A542768-B Scout, Research, TAS, Consulate
  • Lincoln
  • Misra
  • Narayanan
    • Oditi C465874-9 Scout Pirate Amber
  • Palalin
    • Coral B655635-9 Navy, Scout, Consulate
  • Yamamoto
  • Yamato
    • Kusari A6853554-C Ag Ga NI Navy Research Scout Consulate
  • Yoren
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