Seng Astropolos
This is a confidential dossier on a Spartan official.
Only known photo of Col. Seng Astropolos (right)

Col. Seng Astropolos is an intelligence operative for the Spartan Hall of Intelligence - the counterpart organization to the Core Systems Intelligence Agency. Recently he has been allowed limited rein to operate inside Core Systems space to trace and break up an organized crime syndicate smuggling guns out of Spartan territory and into CS space.

Early Life

Records indicate Astropolos was born on Ambrose in Kroton System, Van Ryan Nebula, to a Spartan Marine officer father and a shipyard technician mother. Education and such was Spartan-standard - early enrollment in a military school, with a transfer to a Marines OTC base in his mid-teens, and from there to the frontlines of the Core Systems-Spartan War.

Military Career

Little information is available from Astropolos' career, except that he distinguished himself on numerous occasions and attained the rank of Colonel in the Spartan Marine Corps before being discharged sometime in 2489. What data is available indicates he undertook several covert operations in the coreward swath of the Bahwas Corridor, perhaps even contributing to the combat efforts that temporarily took Seine System and threatened Danube System.

Intelligence Activities

Col. Astropolos was granted special dispensation to operate inside Republic boundaries for the duration of Operation Rook, a joint CS-Spartan intelligence commission to track down and dismantle a highly organized gun-smuggling cartel running Spartan weapons across the border into Republic space. His efforts led to the detention of one Arthur King, shipping clerk for a Spartan arms firm, who turned state's evidence (on the Core Systems side of the border) on his associates in exchange for not facing Spartan punishment for his crimes. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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