The Jensai people are intensely social, rarely seen in groups of less than five or ten. The general exception to this rule is the members of the Jensai Concordance's Seekers organization. A Seeker is a handpicked Jensai individual capable of enduring long periods of complete isolation (or nearly so; the absence of other Jensai at least). This capacity seems fairly rare among the populace, as the initial testing process weeds out 97% of all applicants. But even the ability to endure isolation is no guarantee of Seekerdom. The candidates must also demonstrate an aptitude for piloting, sensors, gunnery, astrogation engineering; because of their isolation, they must be able to handle any issue that comes up.

Because of this rare gift of mental acuity, physical ability, psychological toughness and some manner of genetic gift, Seekers are a rare and remarkable example of the Jensai race. Their Angelfish scouts - small though they are - are potent samples of the gestalt between Jensai tech and Seeker capability. The Seekers themselves have an uncommon self-assurance (for the reserved Jensai, anyway), and a perverse fascination with achieving the impossible. The Jensai populace at large reveres these few who can make the grade, and Seekers in search of mates rarely search long. Perhaps their unbridled predilection for humanity - a race of Seekers, in some terms - stems from their hero-worship of these lonely figures.

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