Scylla Sector
Standard civilian astrogation chart, circa 2498

Scylla Sector is a Core Systems Free Republic territory, one sector spinward from Titan Sector and Earth. The first colony established was Kiyomori Colony, Bharat System in 2226. The Sectoral Congress is stationed on planet Greenswards, Yoren System. The CSFR shares Scylla Sector with the Kanbei Group, which holds five systems in the sector.


By Earth astrogational standards (see Core Systems Scout Service), Scylla Sector is 1 sector spinward from Earth (technically Titan Sector). This gives Scylla Sector's relative grid coordinates the dimensions of (1X0Y). Yoren System, for example, is at relative coordinates 1X0Y. The trail of nebulae called the Siren's Arm divides the bulk of the sector from the recently-discovered Siren Sector.

Coreward: Siren Sector
Rimward: Kraken Sector
Spinward: *unknown*
Antispinward: Titan Sector

Political Status

The Core Systems Free Republic asserts political control over the majority of the sector, though the Kanbei Group has a strong presence outside its borders that often overshadows the wishes of the CSFR. A reliance on Kanbei-produced goods throughout human space makes the CSFR reluctant to pursue the matters with any degree of real satisfaction. One of the most flagrant (or at least most-publicized) contentions is over the use of proprietary CoreNet technology - a matter that the Kanbei Group's legal arm has successfully hindered for more than two decades.

List of Systems

The following is a list of systems in the sector and the sites of note in them.

  • Ashton
  • Bharat
    • Kiyomori C556656-8 Ag Ga Scout Research
  • Calyx
  • Hackel
    • Feir C223597-6 Na Po Scout
  • Haneul
  • Himiko
    • Hikisū D98A630-3 Lt NI Ri Wa Scout Amber
  • Kong
    • Cannin A542768-B Po Scout Research TAS Consulate
  • Lein
    • Erda D000445-9 As Va Scout
  • Lincoln
  • Lo
    • Baikal B9B6835-9 Fl Navy Scout Consulate
  • Marduk
  • Misra
  • Narayanan
    • Oditi C465874-9 Ga Scout Pirate Amber
  • Orange
    • Emberley B24189A-B Po Scout TAS Consulate
  • Palalin
    • Coral B655635-9 Ag Ga Navy Scout Consulate
  • Polaschek
    • Kira D759537-4 Ag Scout
  • Svakhin
  • Tso
    • Lyrum D000633-9 As Na NI Va
  • Wright
    • Tetra C736537-8 NI Research
  • Yamamoto
  • Yamato
    • Kusari A6853554-C Ag Ga NI Navy Research Scout Consulate
  • Yoren
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