Schuh Colony is a Core Systems-aligned planet in Shoemaker System of Hydra Sector. A code Red travel advisory is in effect for the system following the outbreak of civil unrest on the planet.

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Schuh has been considered a drier Earth, with a similar size and atmospheric composition to that planet but a far less impressive hydrosphere. The rapid industrial expansion of the planet has compromised the safety of the planet's atmosphere, and all visitors are advised to wear breather masks to protect their respiratory systems.


Schuh was a late target of colonization, but its bountiful natural resources meant that it was a fast grower, and its early surfeit of jobs attracted much in the way of immigration. To this extent, the planet now boasts almost 8 billion people, primarily descendants of immigrants from more marginal Hydra Sector colonies.


Until recently, Schuh was on track to be the industrial powerhouse of the sector, with more and more companies moving their factories there to take advantage of favorable legal conditions and existing facilities. Now, though, the production of goods has all but stopped in the wake of the civil unrest on the planet, and only the barest of trade goods are trickling out.


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