Saul Mirra

Hydra Sector denizens have something of a superstition when it comes to death in space - they say not to fear a death far beyond the borders of known space, because a man - or something more - plies the deepest black to bring the lost explorers home. That they never return home alive is generally left unsaid, but there is a certain solace to be found in knowing you won't be forever lost in space.

The tale-tellers, when the hour is late and they are deep in their cups, say that a man as big as Luna with an eye that sees across time and space crosses the stars on a ship crewed by the damned, their howls of eternal torment silent upon the vacuum of space, and that this man brings the bodies of the far-gone back to their homes - but keeps their souls for his crew. That man's name is said to be Saul Mirra, and his vessel is the Endymion.

Naturally, the myth is far more interesting than any reality which could possibly exist, and anyone who knows the truth either is not trying to, or is having no luck at, changing the public's perception of the Mirra myth.

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