Sagarmatha-class Starfighter Carrier

The Sagarmatha-class starfighter carrier is the second heaviest ship the CSRN fields, or has ever fielded, to date, just behind the Arthur K. Ramsgott-class dreadnought. Its purpose is to maintain and deploy its complement of 2,500 fighters, either Ascalon or Hotspur models, or a combination of the two. Massing in at five hundred thousand tons, it serves with pride along with the Ramsgott. Operating in clusters of 3 or 4, led by the flagship Ramsgott and the admiral's XO commanding the second Ramsgott. The next senior navy admiralty are in captaincy of the Sagarmatha carriers. While averagely armored, it does possess the largest, most destructive ship portable weapon there is: The Type E-13 "Backbreaker" Spinal Particle Gun, capable of splitting lesser ships in twain with only a single salvo from its mighty cannon. And where its cannon alone cannot succeed, its fleet and starfighters will.

Sagarmatha-class Starfighter Carrier d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 500,000 tons 60,000
TL13 Needle/Wedge Hull 2,000
5 sections each Structure 2,000
Armor Ceramol Protection 4 25,000 12,000
Jump Drive Jump 4 25,000 50,000
Maneuver Drive Thrust 4 8,750 4,375
Power Plant 15,000 37,500
Bridge 1/section Holographic Displays 12,500 15.625
Command Bridge 40 3.75
Computer Core/7/fib x3 Rating 80 315
Weapons Rapid Fire E-13 Particle Spinal Mount 4,000 2,800
Fuel 220,000 tons One Jump-4 and 8 weeks 220,000
Cargo 23,942 tons 23,942
4,202 Staterooms 8,390 personnel (max) 16,808 8,404
Hangars 2,500 Standard Hangar 130,000 26,000
Launch Tubes 21 Launch Tubes 21,000 10,500
Software Maneuver/0
Intellect 1
Evade/3 3
Jump Control/4 -
Fire Control/5 10
Total 500,000 227,536,750,000 Cr
Department Crew
Command 250
Engineering 600
Gunnery 40
Security 1,500
Flight 2,500
Maintenance 2,500
Service 1,000
Total 8,390
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