S200 Sprite orbital demonstrator

In their bid for attention in the small-craft market, in 2467 Bamitech Drive Systems (RISFAB: BMT) offered a 10-ton trainer to the Core Systems Republic Navy for use in live exoatmospheric training. The Navy initially rejected the craft, but upon the private market's sensational reception as a stunt craft, the Navy recanted and ordered three hundred S200 models to Navy spec and designated the resulting craft the T2 Tallman.

In private life, the S200 Sprite is a common hobby horse for wealthy pilots, as the cockpit arrangement is such that it can be converted to a full cabin with relative ease for those who can't handle tight spaces, and is easily modifiable to handle atmospheric acrobatics with even more ease than space operations. Of course, some purchasers have been known to simply leave it as is, and use the Sprite's remarkable acceleration to stunt - or smuggle - with reckless abandon.

S200 Sprite orbital demonstrator d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 10 tons Hull 0 1.1
Streamlined Structure 1
No Jump Drive
Maneuver Drive sF Thrust 12 3 6
Power Plant sF Fusion Plant 2.7 5.5
Cockpit 1-man 1.5 0.05
Computer Model 1 Rating 5 0.03
Electronics Standard -4 Jamming DM
Weapons Hardpoint #1
Fuel 0.5 tons 5 days 0.5
Cargo 2.3 tons 2.3
Software Maneuver/0
Total 20 12,680,100 Cr
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