Robin Navarro

Robin Navarro, 26 years old


Born on Earth, Robin was the only child of two middile class parents. Life was status quo until her father died when she was 12. Unable to work to help pay the bills, she and her mother slowly slipped into the lower classes, where Robin started stealing to try to make ends meet. Unable to attend school past her high school graduation, Robin instead turned to a life of 9 to 5 larceny. Despite her best efforts, she and her mother kept to slip through the social hierarchy, until, eventually, her mother passed away too. Seeing as she had no one left on the planet, she left in the dream of a better life. Although she doesn't blame herself for her parents untimely deaths, she does have an unsettling sadness that comes over her, every now and then. Being away from the planet helps, but the death of your parentals at such a young age leaves such a big mark…

She in no small part owes her relative freedom to her godfather, Robert S. McMillin, esquire. A well educated lawyer, he taught her the basics and a little more of the law, mostly in relation to criminal justice. It is largely because of him she is still walking around without an ankle bracelet with the pretty little transponder in it. In addition, she is friends with Jack Donohughe, a drone operator she went to school with.

Dex 10
Soc 10
Int 10
Edu 9
Str 8
End 7

Carouse 0
Animals 0
Art 0
Trade 0
Drive 0
Advocate 2
Deception 0
Recon 0
Athletics (Any) 0
Gun Combat (any) 0
Stealth 1
Streetwise 0
Remote Operations 1

Subdermal Armor 3
Laser Pistol 3d6+3 100 mag

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