This page is a public service of the Core Systems Republic Department of Justice. Listed here are the profiles, biological information, and lists of charges levied against suspects wanted for crimes against the Republic.

"Chao Sidh"

Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Chao Sidh
Sex: Male
DOB: Unknown/est. age mid-30s
Homeworld: Unknown/believed European descent
Features: Unknown/Unknown
Handedness: Unknown
Known Associates: Beacon criminal organization, Black Veil Tong pirate group, Hydra Sector smuggling rings

Wanted For:

  • Felony Trafficking of Controlled Goods/Substances
  • Felony Piracy
  • Aggravated Murder
  • Aggravated Assault w/ Deadly Weapon
  • Attack on a Republic Navy Vessel
  • Felony Kidnap
  • Felony Illegal Salvage
  • Felony Use of Restricted Shipborne Equipment
  • Conspiracy to Commit…

Last Known Whereabouts
Beacon Station, Hessian System, Hydra Sector.

Dept. of Justice Comments
Chao Sidh is wanted as the mastermind behind a concerted smuggling, pirate and terrorist group that has wracked Hydra Sector for the past five years. Despite his personal involvement in several crimes, no personal data on him has ever been collected. Sidh and his organization should be considered armed and extremely dangerous, and no attempt to confront members of his organization should be made. Instead, contact your nearest Department of Justice facility to provide information on them anonymously. Information leading to the arrest may be rewarded with up to 90 million credits.

California Clarke

Name: California Clarke
Known Aliases: Carla Clark, Isabel Herbert, C.J. Bester
Sex: Female
DOB: 16 January 2474
Homeworld: Devonshire
Features: Black/Blue
Handedness: Right
Known Associates: Rainwatch vigilante counterintelligence group

Wanted For:

  • Felony Dissemination of Top Secret Documents
  • Felony Dissemination of Confidential Identity
  • Felony Dissemination of State Secrets
  • Felony Systems Intrusion (Federal)
  • Felony Systems Intrusion (Corporate)
  • Felony Systems Intrusion (Civilian)
  • Felony Systems Intrusion (Military)
  • Subversive Activities During Wartime
  • Treason

Last Known Whereabouts
Volgograd, Volga System, Manticore Sector

Dept. of Justice Comments
California Clarke is wanted for repeated and concerted efforts to uncover ongoing Core Systems Intelligence Agency agents. Her efforts, and that of her associated group Rainwatch, have blown the cover of multiple operatives, spoiled numerous criminal and counterintelligence investigations, and led to the death of no fewer than two CSIA operatives during the Core Systems-Spartan War.

James M. Sloane

Name: James Madrigal Sloane
Known Aliases: Jimmy Madrigal, Jimmy the Songbird, Joseph Scott
Sex: Male
DOB: 8 June 2460
Homeworld: Vienna
Features: Brown/Brown
Handedness: Right
Known Associates: DiBenedetti crime family

Wanted For:

  • Murder (twenty counts)
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Extortion
  • Arson
  • Rape
  • Rape (statutory)
  • Battery

Last Known Whereabouts:
Mainz, Rhine System, Manticore Sector

Dept. of Justice Comments
James Sloane is an enforcer for the DiBenedetti crime family wanted for the cold-blooded murder of twenty people and wounding a further twenty more by firing indiscriminately into a Neuwien nightclub with an automatic weapon. Mr Sloane is an associate of an organized crime group and must be assumed to be in their company; he should thus be assumed to be armed and dangerous. Do not approach or attempt to apprehend him; please pass all information along to the Department of Justice.

The Sons of Spartacus

Known Aliases: None
Sex: N/A
Homeworld: Van Ryan Nebula
Features: N/A
Handedness: N/A
Known Associates: Unavailable

Wanted For

  • Murder (Count unknown, presumed 100+)
  • Felony Kidnapping
  • Extortion
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Arson
  • Rape, Statutory
  • Rape
  • Assault
  • Use of Nuclear, Biologic, and Chemical Weapons against Civilian Populations
  • Human Trafficking
  • Believed to be heavily involved in the production and trade of Laqas-mir

Last Known Whereabouts:
Manticore Sector

Dept. of Justice Comments
The Sons of Spartacus are an ultra-nationalistic group of men and women sworn to the destruction of the Core Systems Free Republic by any means necessary, with the additional goal of expanding the Spartan Brigade's territorial boundaries. The CSFR DoJ can offer limited information, but it is known that while they originate from the Van Ryan Nebula, their activities takes them to the CSFR-Spartan border in the Manticore Sector. Travellers in the area are warned to use caution and discretion when near the border. Analysts are unsure if they are a state sponsored group, or hardliners removed from the party after the Armistice at Harbin that ended the war. The group is to be considered Extremely Dangerous and the Dept. of Justice requests that any citizens with information regarding The Sons of Spartacus quickly contact them regarding their activities, and to not approach any members of the group.

Scout-Captain Marisa Hatchkin

Known Aliases: None
Sex: Female
DOB: Aug 14 2439
Homeworld: Earth
Features: Blond/Green
Handedness: Right
Known Associates: Crew of the Jacob's Ladder, Pathfinders

Wanted For

  • Piracy
  • Assault
  • 80 Counts of Murder
  • Unsanctioned Use of Nuclear Ordnance
  • Use of Extraterritorial Authority with Impunity
  • Mining Without Proper License
  • Unpaid Berthing Fees

Last Known Whereabouts
Sipra, Trinidad, Tengu Sector

Dept. of Justice Comments
Scout-Captain Marisa Hatchkin is wanted for involvement with an attempt of piracy and claims jumping on Sipra on October 13, 2498. After the involved parties were able to elude the Jacob's Ladder, CRSN Personnel attempted to apprehend the suspect. In the ensuing space battle, the CSRN Brilliant Rocket suffered damage, losing 30 crew members, and the CSRN Crescendo was lost with all hands. The suspect is unlikely to stray far from her crew, and is considered to be extremely dangerous and armed. Any spottings of her crew or herself should be reported to the DoJ with haste, and sightings of the Jacob's Ladder should be passed onto the nearest CSRN warship in the area. Civilians are highly advised not to approach the Jacob's Ladder, due to nuclear ordnance.

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