Reni le Galle

Marchioness Reni grew up on Curion, a blue world in the heart of Republic space. Her mother was the Federal Chancellor of Chrysanthemum and her father was a senior member of the Transportation Policy Agency.

To her mother's disappointment, Reni declined a career in politics to pursue humanitarian work, spurred on by the continued bloodshed of the Core Systems-Spartan War. After four years of fruitless back-and-forth diplomatic trips, she took a position as regional manager of Lotus as a way to isolate herself from the violence she had had to contend with. Unfulfilled and horrified by the ongoing war, she found herself back in the speaking-halls, pleading for peace.

And then the war was over, with nothing resolved and all sides remaining full of spite.

With the collapse of diplomatic relations, Reni found herself suddenly unneeded. She accepted a position as a legal advisor for a year, before taking the leap to the private sector alongside an acquaintance from her days as a shuttle jockey for the Diplomatic Corps.

Marchioness Regina "Reni" Beaucose le Galle, 30 years old, Female, Ruling Worlder
Ex-Diplomatic Corps attorney
b. 26 July 2468

Str 4 (-1)
Dex 9 (+1)
Endurance 7 (+0)
Int 9 (+1)
Education 10 (+1)
Social 15 (+3)

Admin 3
Advocate 4
Art 0 (Dancing 2)
Carouse 3
Comms 2
Computers 1
Diplomat 3
Gambling 0
Investigate 0
Language 2
Engineering 0
Melee 0 (blade) 3
Persuade 3
Pilot 2
Seafarer 0
Sensors 2
Social Science 0 (History: 1)
Social Science 0 (Sophontology: 1)
Stealth 0
Streetwise 0
Vacc Suit 0

1 Action Point (roll an extra d6)

50,00065tlqv.gif ceremonial blade

TL10 palm computer (Computer/2)

TL10 cloth armor (2 suits)

50065tlqv.gif dress the Captain bought her on Hudson

13,00065tlqv.gif dress she bought herself on Harbin (tailored original)

3,00065tlqv.gif dress she bought herself on Harbin

36,00065tlqv.gif banked


Friends, Contacts, Rivals, and Enemies


  • Lieutenant Patrick Tilman (met on Station Tango). He gave Reni a datachit with his CoreNet contact address on it and told her to contact him if she's ever near Spartan space. Reni brokered a trade from him a few minutes later: the turret guns of an impounded craft in exchange for the Spartan gold the crew was carrying.


  • Marius Woolery, Earl of Santroux, Lemartes (met on Hudson). Apparently kind of a dick, since he was paying someone to spy on us and copy all of our CoreNet use.
  • Terrence Harrow, Solicitor on Hathor. Reni paid his fee (14,00065tlqv.gif ) to make sure Corporal Astropolos didn't disappear Arthur King while he was in custody.
  • Duke Edward Ansbach, the Black Sheep of Curion. Descendant of Rudi Ansbach, Curion Colony's founding father, and Martin Ansbach, of the still-legendary Ansbach, Ritter and Monsault law firm. He gave us a ton of relief supplies and a stelnav route through the uncharted (lol) Iota Manticore system. Now he wants Reni to investigate a possible killer connected to the Cantwell Conspiracy.

The absolutely true record of events on Harbin.


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