Renata Wildgrube

Renata Wildgrube
Homeworld: Crake

Str A +1
Dex 5 -1
End A +1
Int 6
Edu B +1
Soc 6


Animals 0
Carouse 0
Computer 0
Art 0

Renata, as a young girl, had a very odd childhood. Instead of spending time with her peers, she spent time in front of the corenet broadcast with her parents. But no children's shows for this young one, no. Deemed too childish by her parents, she instead watched the news. It's an impressionable thing for a young girl - and so she decided to become a reporter. Against her parents best wishes, she ran off to head for Hydra sector, seeing an internship open on Corenet. To nobody's surprise but her own, it was taken by the time she got there. Now, Renata is more than a little bit stuck.

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