Ramona Atwood

Childhood (2468-2486): Born to a well-off family in the Titan sector who own a terrestrial agricultural corporation (Fertile Worlds Inc. Ticker: FEWD). Different subsidiaries grow different goods, such as grapes or open-range cattle. Ramona grew up in the Atwood's sprawling estate on planet.

Term 1 (2486-2490): Meet the chairman of the Presidium

Term 2 (2490-2494): Some important relative dies or some squealing infant is born

Term 3 (2494-2498): Betray someone close, turning them into an enemy but getting a Bennie roll out of it.

Character sheet

Baronetess Ramona Atwood
b. 30 Jan 2468

Ramona often wears a simple but well-tailored, dark gray suit jacket over a red, button-up shirt. She also wears a pair of real denim blue jeans in casual circumstances, or a skirt that matches her suit jacket in for more formal occasions. Her shoulder-length brown hair matches her eye colour. She wears only a little makeup but is very, very well groomed otherwise. Ramona usually has a sword and pistol at her waist and her noble (though landless) title allows her to get away with wearing it in many places.


UPP: 7B669C

STR 7 (+0)
DEX 11 (+1)
END 6 (+0)
INT 6 (+0)
EDU 9 (+1)
SOC 12 (+2)

Admin 0
Advocate 0
Art 0
Carouse 1
Deception 1
Diplomat 0
Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1
Melee 0
Persuade 2
Recon 0
Social Science 0
Streetwise 0

Term Synopses

Term 1:
PerDev (Persuade 1)
Survival Pass
Event 65 (Meet the 'Emperor')
Advancement Pass (Carouse 1)
PerDev (+1 Soc)

Term 2:
PerDev (+1 Int)
Survival Pass
Event 32 (Birth or Death Event)
Advancement Pass
PerDev (+1 Dex)

Term 3:
PerDev (+1 Soc)
Survival Pass
Event 64 (Betray, extra Bennie, Deception, Enemy)
Advancement Pass (Persuade 2)
PerDev (Recon 0)

Mustering Out:
+1 EDU
750KCr Estate
1MCr Stocks
1MCr Estate


Gross Income:
16,250 Cr / Month

Recurring Expenses:
Secretary 4,500 Cr / Month
Steward 7,500 Cr / Month

Net Income:
4,250 Cr / Month

Current Balance: 295 Cr


Cloth Armour w/ Smart Fabric (TL 10, Soc 12), DR5
Comm (TL 10, Soc 12), computer/1
Breather Mask (TL 8, Soc 12)

Monoblade (TL 8), Dam 2d6+5, Heft -2
Target Pistol (TL 6), Dam 2d6-2, Mag 5, Auto No, Rcl -1
-Laser Sight (TL 10)
-30 bullets

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