Quinn Zaeske

Age 18
b. 8 Apr 2480


Str 6
Dex A
End 9
Int 5
Edu 7
Soc 6


Comms 0
Computers 0
Streetwise 0
Steward 0


Jacket: armor 1

83 credits

"indestructable" ID card

Earth citizenship

Probationary Holman citizenship

HolmaNet basic account

datachit with CoreNet number for Miz Cardones, legal

pamphlet for Holmar City with map and job site listings

Brotherhood pamphlet

Tracksuit for Beyh's Gym


Quinn was born on Earth and grew up in the Coco Block of the Or-Ami megalopolis. She tested in the ninetieth percentile in physical athletics and was encouraged by an Army rep to try and join.

Instead, she left the planet and made her way to Mars, where security was sufficiently lax as to allow stowaways. Three and a half months later she was deposited from a shuttle onto the surface of Holman, Mason System, Hydra Sector by an irate crewman of the Flaming Eddie. After first being declared a security risk she was given probationary citizenship and the address of a nearby hostel.

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