Despite the handwringing of scientists and skeptics, mentalists do exist among the human race. The potential is there - but barring genetic alteration or psychosis-inducing drugs, most people cannot consciously access it.

Generally speaking, the Mirandolans are the most stable group of human paratelepaths, using a communal telepathy they refer to as 'pooling' to come to a group consensus. However, most Mira are unable to interact with human minds without the use of controversial and potentially harmful brain implants - made infamous in the More Incident - or by bringing in a powerful telepath called a joie-de-vivre who can interface unassisted with human minds.

The next step down in stability - if, perhaps, not strength - are phi addicts, long-term abusers of phenylated innsmouthein. The most broadly known effects of the drug are the horrific nightmares and subsequent mental breakdown of users, but a significant portion of long-term abusers (some estimates as high as 5%) show at least equivalence with Mira joies-de-vivre. Granted, the cost is too high to make it a deliberate choice - no one has yet beaten the odds and gained telepathy without going mad.

It has been argued by many that Jensai are in fact psionic beings, which has been an annoyingly difficult allegation to prove without a cooperative subject.

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