Prometheus Sector

Onward, my brothers
Onward, to avenge worlds now gone
Onward, to punish the alien destroyer
Onward, to save your homes
Onward, to Prometheus
To die.

—Graffito found on Thanatos Military Transfer Station, Attica System

Prometheus Sector was a region of Terran Stellar League space, and was the site of humanity's tragic first encounter with intelligent life, the warlike Skaald race. In the resultant Human-Skaald War, most of Prometheus Sector's habitable planets were destroyed by either Skaald or human planet killers, leaving Prometheus Sector treacherous at best and an utter deathtrap at worst. The Core Systems Scout Service has classified all of Prometheus Sector under a Code Red advisory, mainly due to the current lack of a more stringent advisory rating. Many people view it as a graveyard of sorts, and see efforts to reclaim it as hopelessly foolish and potentially desecratory.


By Earth astrogational standards (see Core Systems Scout Service), Prometheus Sector is 3 sectors antispinward and 1 sector coreward from Earth (technically Titan Sector), coreward from the Van Ryan Nebula. This gives Prometheus Sector's standardized grid coordinates the dimensions of (-3X,-1X). Such a standardization serves only a systemic purpose, as not only are Prometheus Sector systems unsupported by Scout Service stelnav services, most star systems are lifeless, hazardous and not very attractive anyway.

Political Status

Legally, the governments of Prometheus Sector never seceded from the League, so in a legal sense Prometheus is the last province of the Terran Stellar League - but in a practical sense, the absence of human colonies and the lack of any national claims of authority means that Prometheus is once again unaligned space.

List of Systems

This section is disputed.

Unofficial lists float around, and rumor abounds as to what remains and what was destroyed, but if any authorities (the CS Scout Service, their Spartan Brigade counterparts, or the militaries of either nation, for example) know for sure what remains, they aren't making the information public.

The most frequent list bandied about by conspiracy theorists is the Armitage List, allegedly compiled in 2490 by disgraced Scout-Lieutenant Simon Armitage. The Core Systems Free Republic refuses to confirm or deny the accuracy of the list, included here for reference purposes. CoreNet and the CSSS cannot ensure the accuracy of this list, do not endorse efforts to verify the list's accuracy, and are not responsible for any bodily harm, death, ship damage or ship destruction that results from attempting to enter Spartan space or Prometheus Sector.

  • Oppenheimer
    • Oppenheimer Colony (Pre-War LPS Survey: D335363-5 Lt)
    • Status: Abandoned, Intact
  • Curie
    • Curie Colony (Pre-War LPS Survey: C873588-9 Ni)
    • Status: Destroyed
  • Butler
    • Cornell (Pre-War LPS Survey: C6497AC-6 Ag)
    • Status: Barren
  • Bohr
    • Bohr Colony (Pre-War LPS Survey: D547300-2 Lt)
    • Status: Destroyed
  • Maxwell
    • Maxwell's Demon (Pre-War LPS Survey: C864964-D Ht)
    • Status: Barren, Occupied
  • Newton
    • Newton Colony (Pre-War LPS Survey: C001121-8 Va, IC)
    • Status: Destroyed
  • Gauss
    • Gauss Colony (Pre-War LPS Survey: D676200-6 Ga, Lo)
    • Status: Barren
  • Hawking
    • Hawking Colony (Pre-War LPS Survey: A97A634-C Wa, Ht)
    • Status: Intact
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